DIY Ideas for a Planter, plant shelf and flooring

These are a share from facebook- please visit  Green Renaissance  for more great ideas.

log planter With the winds lately, most folks have downed logs!

crutches to plant shelf  What a way to celebrate recovery!

floor from pallets  Makes me wish I had the skills to do this.


NC Arboretum Annual Orchid Show

The color, variety and the soft uplifting fragrance of the room make this an event I really look forward to all year. Another interesting fact for me is the energy of the crowd. I am not a fan of crowds but these people are all so affable, conversational with strangers and polite, it makes the experience even more beautiful. The folks coming out with purchase bags all look like they just adopted a puppy. For more information about orchids, I suggest the American Orchid Society.  Yes these are all orchids.