Pictures with no movement

The one of the weekly challenges is movement. Tonight after dark I tried to photograph rain- the lack of picture tells you how well I did. I also tried moving water in the stream but again nothing useable. These two pictures of yard flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace and Echinacea both have bees on them. I knew if I waited long enough they would fly. They were apparently very happy right where they were.


20 thoughts on “Pictures with no movement

  1. Nice photos. I especially like the Queen Anne’s Lace with its subtle nod to the left. Movement after all? I haven’t been disciplined to try the weekly photo challenge, but imagine one would learn a lot from participating.


    • I participate when I find something in my life that works- the rule of myself is that it has to be my picture or writing. The prompt give me a filter for my mind to look for movement or silence or blue or whatever it is. I keep doing it because it amuses me.


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