Monday Mellow Musing

To all the folks that blog daily I send a hardy congratulations. I don’t seem to be scheduling my time right or something. I have the time to write or read- what a dilemma.

In the garden, so many things are popping up. I find it hard to remember what I posted already. This is not said with a whimper but a sigh. I find I miss writing and hearing back comments. I also miss seeing the thoughts and offering of others “out there.” So if you notice that my blog has been quite for a day or two, know that like a bad penny, I’ll turn up again. (No, I have no idea where that phrase came from- my dear mother used to say it.)


8 thoughts on “Monday Mellow Musing

  1. I have the same dilemma – this is why I have told myself that I must not follow every single blog in the world (much as I am tempted to).


    • My reader isn’t helping by showing me blogs I am not following. I could spend days blog looking. I just went through my follows and deleted them by at least half- it was hard, I might miss some great inspiration.


  2. Better a bad penny than a bad lunch (turning up again, that is 😉 ).
    I’m right there with you as far as the blogging goes–I can’t keep up with posts, comments, or fellow bloggers these days! So, at least know that you’ve got company, Mae.


    • It is good to know I have company. It can be intimidating to see the perfect pictures, poems and insights others blog- my best has to be good enough. To keep doing it I have to be having fun.


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