How do you eat corn on the cob?

Corn On The CobCorn on the cob means summer to me. Of course you can buy it frozen but only in the summer can my neighbor hand me corn fresh picked from the garden. So sweet, no butter or salt are needed.

I was chomping away in my standard typewriter corn eating pattern and I wondered do others eat it this way?  Then I realized that many today have no typewriter experience – the great sound of the keys clicking along the row and the satisfying ding of the carriage return.  Just a moment in time shared with you. So how do you eat corn?


28 thoughts on “How do you eat corn on the cob?

  1. Although not of my “generation”, I have used a typewriter before (before my parents could afford to buy a computer), and I used to eat corn on the cob “typewriter style” when I was little.


  2. love corn on the cob. It tastes best boiled in a big pot outdoors! smother it with butter and salt – it’s actually the only thing I put salt on – and i each it, typewriter fashion sometimes, and starting at one end, going around other times. I’m just open to change like that!


    • Open to change- good for you. Corn is also the only thing I put salt on. I read a book called “Keeping your brain alive” and among the things they suggested was brushing your teeth with the other hand- I was surprised how hard it was- keep changing it up.


  3. I love to soak my corn in the husk for a few hours and then put it on the charcoal BBQ Grill. When it is cooked, I shuck it and smother it with butter, salt, and pepper. Yum!! 🙂


  4. I was around when typewriters were starting to go out of service and computers were more becoming more mainstream. My grandma had an old one I used to play with when I went to her house. I love corn on the cob! I eat it the typewriter way too. With a little butter and a touch of salt.


    • Gave such a sense of accomplishment though, didn’t it? (But talk about an ear worm – it’s been stuck in my head all day; that and that darned song; )
      Does anybody else know the one I mean? (I really NEED to know):P


  5. I usually eat it with butter and salt but it’s delicious without it too. I don’t eat across like a typewriter, though–I start at the left side and eat in circles, turning the cob up as I eat until one band of corn has been eaten all the way around. Then I move to the right, to start the next band.

    Now I want corn.


  6. We eat it slightly steamed with butter rubbed on – we stick a fork in each end (for the kids mainly) and they eat it like you’ve described (the kids know what a typewriter is because we went to a historical museum where they had one out for kids to play on and hear that classical sound – OFG loved the “ding” it made at the end of the page so he kept going for ages….the husband told TFG it was the first ever lap top!)


  7. I’m with you on the typewriter thing – matter of fact now I’ve got that old (Bug’s Bunny?) soundtrack running through my head… You know, the one clackety, clackety (key sounds)… Whiz (return), Ding! (bell at the end;)
    But seriously though? The best corn I’ve ever had was at a (very chilly) fall cornroast. Cobs were put whole into a pillowcase, which was then (kilt) pinned shut and cooked in an ancient cauldron of boiling water o’er a bonfire. The sack of cobs was then plunged into a bucket of cold water to cool. Nothing has ever felt as good as shucking those lovely warm cobs on that cool September night and I’ve never tasted better corn… Ever: )


    • I learned a new way to cook corn! The cool air and the warm corn makes for a lovely combination. The air seems to have just a touch of fall in it here. August is starting cooler than july- odd but true.


      • Yes, something about it feels later… We’ve had an Aster in bloom here for several days already and noticed ragweed just loaded with pollen at a construction site in town earlier today):


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