Lost and Found

Remember my post from last  about the washer eating my sock. Today, I got a call from our local supermarket to inform me that a set of keys had been turned in to them- the store member card identified them as mine. I had not lost keys but was intrigued so I hurried over to the store. While the clerk was retrieving them she told me that the man who turned them in had bought something at the Swannanoa Valley Museum rummage sale over the weekend and the keys were in the box. As soon as I saw them I recognized as the set my Mom lost four years ago- a year before she passed away. We tore the house apart of three different occasions looking for these keys. She was 95 years old and did not want to feel like an old lady who lost things!

A feeling of closure for the mystery and bittersweet to get her everyday keys returned to me.   The keys came back maybe my sock will also . Life sometimes can be stranger than fiction.


28 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Wonderful story. What a nice guy, too, to return the keys to the supermarket! And they were the keys to your reconnection with Julia. Yep, your mom was definitely trying to tell you something.


    • And unlock the front door and a spare mailbox key. To add to the strange I have tried reproduce the front door key three times and could never get a reproduction to work. Next time I lock myself out (I know there will be a next time) I won’t have to break-in through a window again.


    • One of the wonderful blessings I have received from blogging is learning to write these stories. Doing it for a reason makes more sense to me. I never knew I had so much to say! Role models like you help also.


  2. Wow! That is so weird. Reminds me of something I read on someone else’s blog about a camera that was returned to someone after three years. It’s odd how these things happen. They will usually happen when you need something good in your life. You’ll probably get the sock back in about 5-10 years 😉


    • When I would get frustrated or upset about something, Mom always said in three years you’ll laugh about this. Sometimes it takes a little longer to see the humor but it always happens. I’ll keep looking for that sock.


    • Surreal is a good word for it. Actually it gets more so- when I was walking to the car holding them- asking if there was a message and I felt strongly I should call Mom’s friend Julia. She had broken her hip and had gone to rehab doing pretty well. I called and found out she had taken a turn of the worse. She was now at home with hospice. i’m going over this morning.


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