NC Arboretum in Asheville goes LEGO crazy

Lego Hummingbird

The North Carolina Arboretum presents…Some Assembly Required

 The LEGO Brick Sculptures of Sean Kenney    October 19th ~ January 5th, 2014

The sculptures are inspired by gardens and nature and range in size from six inches to nearly eight feet in height. A female life-size bison on exhibit was made from 45,143 LEGO bricks and is one of the largest in this unique exhibition. The twenty-seven sculptures make up fourteen large displays and were created from nearly five hundred thousand LEGO bricks. New York-based Sean Kenney is one of only eleven LEGO Certified Builders in the world granted permission by LEGO to build on their behalf. The show titled Some Assembly Required opens in October for the holiday season and is expected to break attendance as it has at other venues across the US.

LEGO brick competition – You can be part of the show and even win a prize. For more information on the competition:

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Liquid Art

Markus Reugels, a German amateur photographer who has perfected the theme, has produced an exhaustive catalog of his favorite subject captured in every conceivable, fleeting pose. The various effects and shapes are achieved by modulating the time between the two drops: At 6 drops per second, hat-like shapes form; at 10 drops per second, mushrooms; and at 15, flying saucers.  This is also from Can’t you just see how making droplets dance could become an obsession? Not only does he make these images but tells you how to do it. Visit him at


Friday Five Minute Writing Challenge – Join

I thanks Lisa-Jo Baker for this idea. I lost her for a while but found her again and so can you at  This weeks idea word was JOIN.

My five minutes and a picture of what I made.:

 Join usually means joining a club, hobby or class of some sort. To me it reminded me of taking a stained glass   workshop. To join to pieces of glass, you line the edges of the glass with copper foil and then were melted with a heat gun and melted the copper to join the pieces together. I find it fascinating to see a solid become liquid and flow together. In my youth, I wanted to be a glassblower. Watching the amazing transformations of a bar of glass into delicate animals and all manner of things. I had a delicate merry-go-round for years. Living near Atlantic City before the casinos, the pier had two glassblower stalls that I would sit at for hours and just watch. I had forgotten that dream until now. Thanks Gypsy Mama.

Surprise at Aarons Welding Shop in Black Mountain NC

When Bella and I go to the park we see many flowers but two of them are very different. They even bloom all year.  I have admired these 6 foot tall flowers often. One day I decided to go in and see how much they cost just for fun.  They were a couple hundred which didn’t really surprise me. What did surprise me was the art. I also had a real affection for the bell you rang for service- a car horn which I had to ring or honk actually. The back room looked like I would expect a welding shop to look with pieces of steel and things in a state of half repaired.  The front room had a couch and chairs and art. Fun and beauty are around every corner.

Olympic opener

The Olympics opened last night in London. Although I have become …cynical or skeptical about many things, I still love the olympics. Which might be surprising for someone who is not typically a sports fan. My favorite sports were/ are hiking, skiing, dancing now more like walking with Bella, and learning Qi Gong. The devotion and focus to get to the olympics I find awe inspiring. The competition is now commencing but the comparisons and critiques of the opening ceremonies is in full swing. I wonder what the queen thought of last nights’ show I’m sure she kept calm. Hopefully, no  arch-conservative types had heart attacks during the performance. What did I think  – I thought it was brilliant, entertaining and engaging from start to finish. Fortunately for we the TV audience had a commentator explaining that all of the united kingdom was represented not just england.  They  started with the Glastonbury tor rising up from the earth with it’s spiral path from which the succeeding decades people emerged. The transition from the agrarian society to the industrial revolution was fascinating. All of the hundreds of actors were volunteers and learned their parts, singing and drumming etc. so well. They actually removed the sod and the fenses and carrtied them off without a break in the action. Then smokestack rose up from the ground and cities grew. One house was used for image projection as they went along. The homage to english writers of bedtime stories had children flying in beds down to the floor of the arena. Then the 60’s psychedelic period complete with appropriate costumes and songs was great fun and was a turning point in music and society – this is where I feared for the previously mentioned heart attacks. Then a 100 ft Voldermort  (Harry Potter fame) looms and the day is saved by a passel of Mary Poppins characters with umbrellas. From Shakespeareto the stones and beyond. Danny Boyle the director has quite an imagination. Oh did I mention the beginning with Daniel Craig as Bond and the pair parachuting into the stadium? Stunt doubles of course. These are just what stuck in my mind this morning – there was soo much more  like Sir Paul McCartney playing. The Show ended with the saying : “This is for Everyone” said in lights of course.
The Global Post comment is my fav’: It was bit messy, overly nostalgic and extremely eccentric. Yet it was spirited, proud, funny – and very British.
UsaToday :   Olympic opening ceremony: Boisterously, Britishly odd
The UK Daily record said: London Olympics: Danny Boyle’s opening ceremony captivates world as Games get off to a stunning start

Mr Boyle said of the 10,000 volunteers in The Guardian UK:  “They really are the best of us,” he said. “They have given up their time, their energy. Their family and friends have suffered. They have danced their hearts out. It is very much a tribute to them. We hope the feeling of the show is a celebration of generosity.”

100 shades of blue

OK –  the post has little to do with the 50 shades of grey book (which I haven’t read) but my last post was about blue eyes so I see a slight theme here. Useless knowledge from Google: At Pablo Picasso’s birth he did not breath and was declared dead. A short time later his cigar smoking uncle came to see the dead child and blew cigar smoke into his mouth. The child started breathing on his own. Although the literature says his blue period was about depression, I wonder about the influence or memory of anoxia -lack of oxygen which manifests as turning the person a blueish color. Just wondering.