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My Mystery Butterfly Tree

There are these splendid trees that grow wild around here that bring me much joy each year. I have been encouraging them to grow in my yard. I raised and transplanted two seedlings this year and they are doing well so far. The beetles also like them. The baby is at the bottom.


Around the end of July they start budding out with the sweetest white flowers. I really do mean sweet, they purfume the air especially at in the evening. Or is it just that I notice it most then, when I am out with Bella that last time before bed. One clue is that they blossom at the same time as wild honeysuckle and the fragrance is similiar. After the flowers open, the tree is covered with all manner of butterflies. The woman that helps with my lawn care loves to drive the lawnmower past the tree and watch cloud of butterflies take to the air.

      After the flowers fade then the seed starts to form- first green then a purple-blue color that looks like blueberries. Then pop they are done- till next year. This is one of two seedlings I am encouraging. I am sure to tell you how they did through the winter.

   l If you know this tree, please tell me.


Surprise at Aarons Welding Shop in Black Mountain NC

When Bella and I go to the park we see many flowers but two of them are very different. They even bloom all year.  I have admired these 6 foot tall flowers often. One day I decided to go in and see how much they cost just for fun.  They were a couple hundred which didn’t really surprise me. What did surprise me was the art. I also had a real affection for the bell you rang for service- a car horn which I had to ring or honk actually. The back room looked like I would expect a welding shop to look with pieces of steel and things in a state of half repaired.  The front room had a couch and chairs and art. Fun and beauty are around every corner.

Weekly Photo and more Challenge – Purple

Photos- well some and much more.     Purple may be my favorite color. In thinking about purple,  this silly, novelty song came to mind.
Flying Purple People Eater It was first written in 1958 by Sheb Wooley. This is the link to his YouTube recording which is in black & white.

Purple People Eater (film)

The song inspired this  movie  in 1988 – it might still be seen on Disney. Check out this cast. The film stars Neil Patrick HarrisNed BeattyShelley Winters, and Thora Birch . Guest appearances by Chubby Checker and Little Richard. And the Sheb Wooley who wrote the song 30 yrs before.

Other things you may not know- or at least I just learned, there is a store that everything they sell is purple. Can you guess the name?    http://www.thepurplestore.com/

Cattleya Orchid

In the Star Trek Universe, Klingons have purple blood.

Porphyrophobia is fear of the color purple .

Last but most dear to me- America the Beautiful – NC Purple Mountain Majesty

  ok sort of blue but in the right light……..

Mystery Plants and other Photo Fun

Last year I was given daylilies….so this year each bloom is a surprise. The Geese are floating along the French Broad river in Asheville NC.


Summer Sweet and Sassy

My week in pictures.

Monday Mellow Musing

To all the folks that blog daily I send a hardy congratulations. I don’t seem to be scheduling my time right or something. I have the time to write or read- what a dilemma.

In the garden, so many things are popping up. I find it hard to remember what I posted already. This is not said with a whimper but a sigh. I find I miss writing and hearing back comments. I also miss seeing the thoughts and offering of others “out there.” So if you notice that my blog has been quite for a day or two, know that like a bad penny, I’ll turn up again. (No, I have no idea where that phrase came from- my dear mother used to say it.)

Pictures with no movement

The one of the weekly challenges is movement. Tonight after dark I tried to photograph rain- the lack of picture tells you how well I did. I also tried moving water in the stream but again nothing useable. These two pictures of yard flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace and Echinacea both have bees on them. I knew if I waited long enough they would fly. They were apparently very happy right where they were.