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Arboretum Strollers

arboretum paths 9 8 15 Strolling will continue weekly for 3-4 months so come when you can. The meeting location may change. The temperature is a big factor for me…..so if it not 45 or 50 I am not walking. Although I might be at the cafe having cafe and muffin.


NC Arboretum Annual Orchid Show

The color, variety and the soft uplifting fragrance of the room make this an event I really look forward to all year. Another interesting fact for me is the energy of the crowd. I am not a fan of crowds but these people are all so affable, conversational with strangers and polite, it makes the experience even more beautiful. The folks coming out with purchase bags all look like they just adopted a puppy. For more information about orchids, I suggest the American Orchid Society.  Yes these are all orchids.

NC Arboretum – Unleash your wild side

Travel back in time 65 million years for a larger-than-life adventure!   Using state of the art technology, you can take control of your own dinosaur in a virtual reconstruction of the ancient ecosystem of the Cretaceous Period. Click here to learn more! The NC Arboretum once again launches an innovative and engaging exhibit. Come if you can. Robotic dinosaurs- got to love it.