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blue butterfly in the snow

blue butterfly in the snow

Another spring, another reason to sing

Another Spring 2016


Lily of the Valley

 Planting time- so many great plants to choose from and only so much time and strength.
Recently there was a blog about edible plants and it got me thinking about adding some munchables.

The first rule of ingesting flowers is to make sure they are actually OK. I love my Lily of the Valley’s sweet white bell shaped blooms and lovely fragrance. Apparently the leaves and flowers are poisonous.

I tried to get a good picture but…adding my best effort,  I’ll keep trying. This plant grows low to the ground and in a shady spot- as I was lying on the ground trying to get this shot, my neighbors drove by. I could almost see them shake their head as they puzzled what I was doing now. We all need to amuse the neighbors once in a while.

Unwelcome visitor

Jack Frost By C.E. Pike
Look out! Look out! Jack Frost is about!| He’s after our fingers and toes; And all through the night, The happy little sprite Is working where nobody knows. He’ll climb each tree, So nimble is he, His silvery powder he’ll shake. To windows he’ll creep And while we’re asleep Such wonderful pictures he’ll make. Across the grass He’ll merrily pass, And change all its greenness to white. Then home he will go And laugh ho, ho ho! What fun I have had in the night.

Egg Salad

Not the picture you expected? The title comes from memories of Easters past. This is around the time our lovely decorated hard-boiled eggs would become egg salad. An experience in letting go to break the shell and put it in the garbage to use the inside.

I found this egg shell in the backyard and just let it be.  Eggs, in their own right, appear right at the spring equinox if the chickens or birds are left to their own devices. Chickens do not lay when there is less than 12 hours of sunlight, so the eggs start coming right at spring/ easter.

Abundance is finding precious little packages of protein showing up after a long and hungry winter.


Happy Easter and Peaceful Passover- together this year. I have a friend who is Jewish visiting so we are having Eastover Easy this year. The song In Your Easter Bonnet has been running through my head. Decorating eggs of all kinds has been fun but I never got a Fabrage egg.

  May your heart be happy whatever you celebrate.

Rainy Day Post

We had a wild storm with pelting rain, a little hail and much wind. It made taking pictures a little hard but I have one I took between rain storms. A little strange but I love it- can you tell what it is?

If you guessed clouds reflected in a puddle, you would be right.

Rain is dark and cold and wet and it makes mud. but…The tree leaves are glad to get the dust off and all the plants are happy. Ducks are dancing and worms wriggling to the surface. If you have ever loved a person that worked outside and did not work in the rain, than you know that rainy days can lead to afternoon delights.

Rainy day lovers don’t hide love inside they just pass it on. an old song- Gordon Lightfoot maybe

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

New Growth

Many of the flowering trees have dropped their pretty petals and are flush with new green leaves. I often think it looks like a tree has dropped it’s pretty petticoat to the dirt around below it. Dirty circles of white and pink at the base. I have marveled at how quickly it happens- overnight almost. But in the dogwood picture I found the secret- the leaves grow behind the flowers but you can’t see them until the flowers fall. 

Since it is poetry month- Flowers, Dear Flowers by Louisa May Alcott 

Flowers, Dear Flowers, Farewell! ‘We are sending you, dear flowers, Forth alone to die, Where your gentle sisters may not weep O’er the cold graves where you lie; But you go to bring them fadeless life In the bright homes where they dwell, And you softly smile that ‘t is so, As we sadly sing farewell. O plead with gentle words for us, And whisper tenderly Of generous love to that cold heart, And it will answer ye; And though you fade in a dreary home, Yet loving hearts will tell Of the joy and peace that you have given: Flowers, dear flowers, farewell!’