Embrace the unheard music

This makes want to sing and dance up these stairs! (Assuming I can find the breath to do that.)



DIY Ideas for a Planter, plant shelf and flooring

These are a share from facebook- please visit  Green Renaissance  for more great ideas.

log planter With the winds lately, most folks have downed logs!

crutches to plant shelf  What a way to celebrate recovery!

floor from pallets  Makes me wish I had the skills to do this.


NC Arboretum in Asheville goes LEGO crazy

Lego Hummingbird

The North Carolina Arboretum presents…Some Assembly Required

 The LEGO Brick Sculptures of Sean Kenney    October 19th ~ January 5th, 2014

The sculptures are inspired by gardens and nature and range in size from six inches to nearly eight feet in height. A female life-size bison on exhibit was made from 45,143 LEGO bricks and is one of the largest in this unique exhibition. The twenty-seven sculptures make up fourteen large displays and were created from nearly five hundred thousand LEGO bricks. New York-based Sean Kenney is one of only eleven LEGO Certified Builders in the world granted permission by LEGO to build on their behalf. The show titled Some Assembly Required opens in October for the holiday season and is expected to break attendance as it has at other venues across the US.

LEGO brick competition – You can be part of the show and even win a prize. For more information on the competition:

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Sunday Post : Architecture

Jakeprinters Sunday Post : Architecture    This reminded me immediately of pictures I received from a friend just returning to the US from Turkey.   Not meaning to be fatalistic but the greatest building will one day also be ruins.

Wind Dancer

The Windstrument is a new wind energy system that’s “quiet and powerful, bird safe, and scalable.  It encourages me to see the birth of new ideas to old problems. We will always need power, the electric kind, this is a urban choice.

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